Decor Plan Bedding 6 Bedding Styles For A Comfortable Sleep

6 Bedding Styles For A Comfortable Sleep

Today we will look at 6 bedding styles for a comfortable sleep.

1) The nectar mattress protector

An invisible barrier that protects your mattress from spills and specks of dirt.

* Comes in 5 sizes
* 100% waterproof and resistant to allergens
* Stretchy, snug, and comes with a no-slip design

2) Luxury cotton bed sheet


3) Nectar's hit the hay white duvet

Pull this duvet up the top of your chin to give that extra comfort with a 300 thread count nuzzle.

* Comes in white color and 6 sizes
* Comes with a temperature-regulating feature that keeps you cool in summer and cozy in winter
* 100% sewn through cotton duvet with microfiber fill

4) Resident serenity quilt

An easy-to-use and easy to care quilt that binds at all sides of your bed to give the comfort you need.

* Comes in 3 colors
* Comes in 6 sizes
* Comes with a 5-year warranty

5) Serenity sleep weighted blanket

This blanket is designed for relaxation and hugs your body with a calming and cozy feel.

* Comes in 2 sizes and 2 weight options
* Comes in 3 colors
* Comes with dual temperature options, anti-microbial, glass bead filing, and removable cover
* Made with knit micro mink, 100% polyester (warm side), jersey knit, 100% bamboo rayon (cool side), and 100% polyester outer and fill

6) Resident serenity sleep bundle

The only Nextar bedding that comes with antibacterial technology to fight bacterial infections.

* Comes in 6 sizes
* Includes 2 cooling pillows, 1 sheet set, and 1 mattress protector
* Made with a blend of soft cotton, bamboo rayon, and polyester

If you are looking for the best bedding styles then visit Nectar. For full info and price please click the link below. Hurry as stocks are limited.