Decor Plan Bedding Best Bath And Body Products For All Skin Types

Best Bath And Body Products For All Skin Types

Best Bath And Body Products For All Skin Types

1.Ritual Serum

Made for acne-prone and sensitive skin, this lightweight and buildable serum is proven worthy of a spot in your daily skincare routine. Its formulated with noteworthy ingredients like vitamin c that regenerate the lipid barrier and eliminate blemishes.

2.Regeneration Mist

Your much-needed hydration throughout the day now comes in a handy mist bottle. Beyond just giving you a quick boost of moisture, this mist can be a part of your self-care ritual that you can enjoy just about anywhere. With its calming and anti-aging benefits, you will surely be reaching for this all day long.

3.Refining Cleanser

Looking for a gentle way to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells? This apricot cleanser can be your next go-to cleanser as it makes a massive difference in reducing blemishes and purifying the skin after every use.

4.Bioactive Face Mask

Pamper your skin after a long day of work with this charcoal face mask. It is specifically developed for acne-prone skin and brings calming benefits to reduce redness and naturally fade dark spots with regular use.

5.Palmarosa And Vetiver Hand Soap

Formulated with the earthy and calming fragrance of vetiver oil, this relaxing hand soap is sure to soothe your mind and skin as it deeply moisture your hands with palmarosa and rosemary oil.

6.Pacific Mint Toothpaste

Free yourself from preservatives and synthetic colorants, and switch to this all-natural mint toothpaste! This toothpaste is specifically formulated with hand-harvested sea salt to promote overall gum health for a perfectly bright smile like no other.

7.Toothbrush Holder

Organize your toothbrush with this custom-made concrete toothbrush holder. Each toothbrush holder is designed with rubber molds and is made with food-grade and safe materials. It also comes in three (3) color combinations: grey and white, pink and coral, and white terrazzo.

8.Premium Toothbrush

Step away from plastics and opt for this eco-friendly reusable toothbrush. The natural anti-bacterial properties of woodwork can fend off bacteria that are known to be a major cause of tooth decay and bad breath. This sustainable option also features brush head bristles that are infused with activated charcoal to leave your mouth feeling cleaner and odor-free.