Decor Plan Furniture 5 Most Sought-after Specialty Boxes In 2022

5 Most Sought-after Specialty Boxes In 2022

Below are the 5-most sought-after specialty boxes in 2022

1 Frame Boxes

The Frame Boxes are designed for large mirrors, paintings, and prints. Usually, every sturdy frame box should hold at least two mirrors, paintings, and pictures.

These boxes should be used alongside moving blankets to provide additional protection against damages stemming from scratches or abrasions.

For protection against needless damage, all artwork should be packaged and stored in frame moving boxes.

2 Large Picture Boxes

These moving boxes are best suited for every wall artwork, hanging art, and mirror. These stretched-out picture boxes can be deployed for all varied picture sizes. You can put them together using two or more pieces to safeguard your most expansive hanging art.

In addition, the unused portions from the picture boxes can be used as padding between pieces of stuff in your truck. Further, the box portions can be used to safeguard your flooring during the move.

3 Tv Box Kit

Sturdy TV Moving Box Kit is designed to offer extra protection to your TV, especially when on the move. In most cases, TVs are loosely packed into the moving trucks or rental containers when being transported, which intensifies the prospect of the TV falling over and rapturing or dislocating during the move. The sturdy TV Box Kit ensures that the TVs being transported remain unmoved.

4 Kitchen Dish Boxes

These boxes are assembled to house your most essential kitchen accessories and dishes. They are mainly used by the pros when on the move. The durable cardboard is sturdy enough to house ceramic bowls, dishes, Pyrex dishes, as well as the finest of China.

Always use Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes newsprint packing paper and bubble wrap to provide an additional layer of protection when packing your dishes and kitchenware.

5 Wardrobe Boxes

The Wardrobe Moving Boxes are best suited for hanging roughly 2ft of clothes. They are built with durable corrugated cardboard for extra strength and stability. They also comprise a front access panel and incorporated hand holes for improved ease of application. These moving boxes are widely used by professional movers countrywide.

In addition, the Wardrobe Boxes are extensively used for moving, which helps ease wear and tear on your hanging clothing. It also ensures that none of your items is displaced while on the move.