Decor Plan Flowers & Gardening 9 Best Pots That Make Your House Beautiful

9 Best Pots That Make Your House Beautiful

Plants and flowers can be planted in pots or planters. Pots are generally small in size and can hold only a single plant meanwhile planter comes in many sizes and can hold several plants at once. Pots are usually used outdoor and indoors, making our house look beautiful overall today we are going to list the 9 best planter pots.

1) Eco pots hanging pot - 13"

Great for trailing and blossoming plants and is ready to hang your favorite medium-sized plant.

* Comes in 3 colors
* Waterproof, UV proof, and frost resistant
* Pot weight is 5.18 lbs

2) Eco pots rectangular pots - 18" x 7"

This pot with a minimalist design comes with detached sauces and drainage holes.

* Comes in 3 colors
* Made from 80% recycled plastics
* Pot weight is 3.31 lbs

3) Eco pots round pots - 8"

This pot can be used indoors and outdoors and is made with 80% recycled plastic harvested from the ocean.

* Comes in 5 colors
* Saucer diameter is 6.5″
* Pot weight is 1.94 lbs

4) Eco pots tall rectangular pots - 24" x 10"

These tall pots are great for outdoor annuals and look stunning.

* Comes in 3 colors
* The tall is 15.7″
* The dimensions are 23.6″ in width and 10.2″ in length

5) Eco pots hanging pot - 11"

This pot can be used indoors and outdoor for most small-sized plants.

* Comes in 4 colors
* Comes with a hook and a drainage plug
* Pot weight is 3.75 lbs

6) Eco pots hanging saucer - 14"

Comes ready to hang with a hook and can be used indoors and outdoors.

* Comes in 5 colors
* Can display two small plants, and one medium plant
* Can also display one full collection of extra small plants

7) Eco pots bell pot - 14"

The simple timeless look of this pot fits in with any home decor.

* Comes in 3 colors
* Pot weight is 5.73 lbs
* The saucer diameter is 11.4″

8) Eco pots round tabletop pot - 12"

Perfect for outdoor bistro tables, kitchen tables, and everything in between.

* Comes in 3 colors
* Pot size diameter is 12.2″ and height is 5.9″
* Pot size is 1.98 lbs

9) Eco pots rectangular wall hanging pot 22" x 7"

This rectangular planter comes with a bracket for wall hanging.

* Comes in 3 colors
* The tall is 5.7″
* The dimensions are 21.7″ in width and 6.9″ in length

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