Decor Plan Bedding Top 7 Bath Accessories To Suit Every Style

Top 7 Bath Accessories To Suit Every Style

Top 7 Bath Accessories To Suit Every Style

1.Four Layer Robe

Made with 100% premium combed cotton, the Riley Four Layer Robe is crafted to provide ultimate comfort. This luxurious robe features an incredibly soft layer of cloth, elegant pockets, and hanging loops that will surely turn any day into a spa day.

2.Hooded Waffle Robe

Redefining playful luxury, this chic and cozy navy robe features white piping along its perimeter, pockets, sleeves, and hood. It is also designed with belt loops to ensure a comfortable fit–evoking a holiday spent lounging around a hotel spa type of feeling.

3.Luxe Terry Robe

Make lazy afternoons extra special by wrapping yourself up with the soft, ultra-plush Luxe Terry Robe. This classic robe is designed with highly absorbent cotton for an exceptionally plush feel after a steamy shower.

4.Textured Bath Rug

Aside from its simple textured design and quick absorption, this bath rug is also designed to evoke the relaxing feel of the spa with its surprisingly comfortable texture.

5.Signature Tub Mat

This tub mat is made with 100% long-staple cotton that feels softer than towels and works well at absorbing water. Not only is it made of extremely soft cloth, but it can also complement a wide variety of bath accessories and bathroom decor styles.

6.Four Layer Shower Curtain

Turn the simple act of showering into an indulgent and luxurious experience with this shower curtain. Made with 100% premium cotton, this shower curtain can be an incredibly soft addition to your lovely bathroom.

4.Scented Candles

If you’re looking for the best candles to make your bathroom a tranquil sanctuary, then these scented candles are sure to fill your space with a lovely aroma. You can choose from three (3) different scents, including Sicilian Bergamot, Grecian Cedar, and Mediterranean Sea Salt.