Decor Plan Furniture Top 8 Attractive Collages

Top 8 Attractive Collages

Gallery wraps have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, with more and more people getting creative with what they put on their walls. Many people turn to the internet when searching for an artist or photographer that can help them create something special. This post will look at eight attractive collages that you can use as inspiration to help you create your beautiful photo gallery.

1. Wide Grid Horizontal

This collage contains nine photos in a wide grid orientation, 10×8 inches thick paper stock with a luster finish. Each photo is printed in full color and is mounted to the Mpix Lexi Board, which is then attached to the mainboard. It has a white core and an easel on the back for easy hanging or display.

2. Simple Trio

If you’re looking for something simple but elegant, the Simple Trio with a 14×11 inch frame may be your new favorite collage layout. It’s perfect for showing off three beautiful photos at once or one photo with two other images (like two people with one landscape). This type of collage works best when there’s a theme among the images, such as nature scenes or portraits of family members.

3. Memory Gallery

The Memory Gallery Collage is a 16×20 inch frame with 12 picture spaces—11 smaller ones that measure 5×7 inches each and one larger image in the center that measures 7×9 inches. This collage is great for displaying many images at once—it could be used to showcase your favorite family getaway, your favorite

4. Fields of Floral

Light, airy and green, this collage is a celebration of the spring and summer seasons! With bright green grass in the center, surrounded by lush plants and flowers, this collage is perfect for a kitchen or living room! The college also features a white border with green plants climbing up the border to continue the fresh feeling of the college.

5. Dare To Dream

A lovely celebration of springtime and flowers, this collage features a beautiful pink flower in the center surrounded by two smaller pink flowers and then two other green flowers with a yellow center. This collage features 14 images on a 14 “x11” canvas. The college has a soft blush background that makes the flowers pop out even more! This would be perfect for hanging in any room of your house as it will create a warm and inviting atmosphere as soon as you walk into the room!

6. Best Things In Life

This collage is ideal for hanging in your hallway or entryway because of its large size (20×30). It comes with both vertically-oriented and horizontal frames, which means you can get creative with the arrangement. This piece would look particularly good if you’re going for a rustic vibe in your home because of the texture of the frame and the design.

7. Family Fun

This college with a gold frame is perfect for displaying your family’s best moments. The 16-by-20 size makes it ideal for most rooms, and the gold frame adds a sophisticated touch to any wall. This collage will help you reminisce about the fun times you’ve had with your family.

8. Laurel Monogram

This 16 by 20 gold framed monogram can be customized with your initial. It is perfect for displaying on an entryway table or hanging somewhere in your home where it can be seen as soon as you walk in the door! The gold frame makes it elegant and adds sophistication to any room in your home! This display piece will always remind you of where you came from and what matters most: family!

The college is a trend that has been growing in popularity. Using the right images and text can have an impact on your website. If you are looking for attractive collages, here are 8 of the best you should try.