Decor Plan Furniture 9 Energy Efficient Electric Dryers That Are Worth Buying

9 Energy Efficient Electric Dryers That Are Worth Buying

If you live in a household with more than two members, you need to consider electric dryers to make your life easier. While they do take up some space and may increase your energy bill a bit, they will save space and time when getting a batch of freshly washed clothes dry. What matters is to pick the right brand and size of your drier.

9. Miele Classic T1 Series Dryer

The Miele Classic T1 dryer is considered an industrial-grade drier which also implies it is one of the more expensive options. With a simple yet efficient design, the model uses a modern heat pump to reduce energy production. It has a 4.02 cubic feet capacity and a relatively compact form factor.

8. Samsung DVE45T6000W Electric Dryer

If you are looking for budget-friendly electric dryers, the Samsung DVE45T6000W is a viable option. Moderately priced and energy-efficient, the dryer features a generous 7.5 cubic feet capacity and comes with several programs including a wrinkle-free one.

7. LG DLEX4000W 27 Inch Electric Dryer

The LG DLEX4000W electric dryer comes with a few premium features that make it easy to use and convenient. It has multiple built-in programs to prevent wrinkles, fast programs, and even some diagnostics tools. It has a 7.4 cubic feet capacity and a large loading door.

6. Electrolux ELFE7637BT Electric Dryer

The Electrolux ELFE7637BT is considered one of the more modern electric dryers. It has 11 different programs, is energy efficient, and comes with Bluetooth support and a mobile app. At the same time, it has one of the largest capacities in its price range.

5. Samsung DVE50A8800V

Samsung added several useful features and programs to their newer electric dryers. The DVE50A8800V comes with a sanitizer program that increases the temperature while their wrinkle-preventing program proves to work better than with most other electric dryers.

4. Samsung DVE45T6020W

The Samsung DVE45T6020W is one of the budget-friendly models from the brand. Despite the lower price tag, it comes with modern features such as Bluetooth and a mobile app. The dryer features a 7.5 cubic feet capacity and comes with 9 different drying programs.

3. Whirlpool WED8620HC 27 Inch Electric Dryer

If energy consumption is a concern, the Whirlpool WED8620HC solves this issue to a certain degree. It is one of the most efficient electric dryers using a modern heat pump and intelligent drying programs to manage energy consumption.

2. Midea MLE45N1AWW 27 Inch Electric Dryer

Midea established itself as a brand that offers great value for money. Their MLE45N1AWW electric dryer is packed with modern features and a compact form factor. It includes a mobile app and has 10 different dryer programs.

1. LG DLEX7900BE 27 Inch Electric Dryer

The LG DLEX7900BE is one of the most energy-efficient electric dryers available in this price range. It comes with their proprietary ThinQ technology that can detect how much the dryer is loaded and adjust its energy consumption accordingly.