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How To Get The Best Insecticides For Your Flower Garden

Insects are an important part of the food chain in a garden. When trying to get rid of them, however, many people turn right to insecticides.

In order to make sure you’re purchasing the best insecticides for your flower garden, you need to understand that there is a big difference between organic and synthetic insecticides. Some have residual effects, while others have contact killing power. It’s also good to know that most insects will eventually become resistant to any one insecticide, so it is important that you rotate different types regularly in order to keep your pests from becoming immune.


The best insecticides for your flower garden are going to be specific for what type of pest you’re trying to get rid of. Always follow product instructions thoroughly in order to prevent losing non-target insects if mixing multiple types or even when using a single brand.


Before purchasing any type of insecticidal treatment, make sure that the dealer has been approved by government agencies in your country and understands which chemicals are organic and which are synthetic. It is also important you understand what your local department store representatives can and cannot do. It would be helpful to know what qualifications they have and if their store is actually a supplier of your preferred product or if they are just re-selling it on behalf of another dealer.


Before you purchase any insecticides for use in your garden, make sure that you read their labels completely. Some are only available as plants that grow into the desired kill, while others are more readily available as sprays or dry pesticides. You also want to ensure that there is no photo-toxicity which means that it’s primarily harmful to certain plant species such as bees and waterfowl during the flowering season.


Insects will eventually become immune to any single chemical over time, so it’s important to switch between different formulations of the same product or buy entirely new ones. Rotating insecticides will help you get rid of more types of insects at once while preventing further resistance.


Insecticides are important when it comes to keeping your flower garden pest-free. It’s best to use them in conjunction with other treatments such as natural predators and pesticides so insects can be removed safely without harming anyone or anything else.