Decor Plan Flowers & Gardening 7 Best Dried Bouquets To Decorate Your Home

7 Best Dried Bouquets To Decorate Your Home

7 Best Dried Bouquets To Decorate Your Home

1.Dried Eucalyptus Bunch

Classic and tranquil, these dried bouquets can be a great addition to any space or even mixed in with other botanical elements around your home. Its tall, straight stem with a slightly blue cast to its foliage can instantly revitalize your home for seasons to come.

2.The Neutral Palm Bouquet

Make a statement with this pre-arranged dried palm bouquet that features a perfect harmony of natural textures and elements. This tonal arrangement includes dried varieties of sago palm, bleach chilis, spear palm, willow stems, and more.

3.The Linum Burgundy Bouquet

Wrapped in kraft paper, this whimsical floral arrangement highlights the contrast between its pink and neutral color palettes from dried varieties, including bunny tails, tall pampas stems, waxed eucalyptus, and dried ginger.

4.Bloom Room Bouquet

Handcrafted by Right Side Hand, this dried bouquet is bursting with joyful color thanks to its dried and forged flora. It comes prearranged with dried flowers, such as statice, foxtail grass, brake fern, globe amaranth, agapanthus sprockets, yarrow, and globe thistle all wonderfully tied with a raw silk ribbon.

5.The Wild Fields Bouquet

Easy on the eyes, this floral arrangement features a balanced harmony of natural elements and textures that evoke a lazy summer afternoon of rest and relaxation. This pre-arranged bouquet consists of a combination of Pennisetum grasses, willow stems, bleach chilis, and more.

6.The Sunset Bouquet

Rest your eyes on this vibrant and majestic floral arrangement of natural and dyed stems of pampas that perfectly captures the grace of a summer sunset. This vase-worthy sunset bouquet is sure to brighten up any room quite like fresh-cut flowers.

7.California Burst Bouquet

Designed to last for years, this pre-arranged bouquet boasts a lovely combination of Craspedia billy buttons and colorful pincushion protea. This alluring floral arrangement is sure to steal anyone’s gaze and amplify the overall style and decor of your home.